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Arrow season 3 premiere: tremendous episode (époustouflant)

Aujourd’hui, c’est un article un peu différent que je vous propose. Après avoir visionné le premier épisode de la saison 3 de Arrow, j’avais besoin de réagir, d’essayer de retranscrire mes émotions avec des mots pour y voir plus clair. C’est généralement en anglais que j’exprime mes sentiments pour une série TV, alors pour la première fois sur le blog, cet article sera majoritairement en anglais.

Arrow Season 3 Promo Poster Variant (by TheKeyThief)Et j’en ai des choses à dire. Quel démarrage pour cette nouvelle saison ! Cet épisode était extraordinaire. Je vous invite vivement à le regarder.
Et si vous n’avez encore jamais vu Arrow, je vous invite à lire mon article (sans spoiler) : Arrow, une très bonne surprise, et à débuter cette série qui ne cesse de s’améliorer. tf1 a diffusé les premiers épisodes hier soir, ils sont disponibles en replay ou en direct à la tv le mercredi soir à 22h40.

I started writing my review as usual, but then it got so big, I felt it needed to be posted on this blog as well as tumblr.

(j’ai écrit ces mots quelques minutes après avoir regardé l’épisode – these lines were written a couple of minutes after watching the episode)


Arrow Spoiler Alert (Stephen Amell)

The shock

Oh my gosh!!

Arrow season 3 premiere: Sara LanceI knew, I read people talking about the possibility of Sara’s death, but in episode 2. I didn’t want to believe it. I wanted the premiere to be about Olicity mostly (even if I knew there were going to be downsides to this as well).

Ra’s al Ghul, son of a bitch! Cause it’s him, right? He’s the one behind Sara’s murder. He’s her killer! But WHY? She was back into the league of assassins. It must be linked to the return of Sara to Starling City.
I can’t wait to see Nyssa’s reaction and consequently her actions.

shocked Pascal (from Tangled/Raiponce)

Gosh, I was so shocked, I screamed and I couldn’t stop the tears. The tears have stopped now. I’m trying to process this. I’m not even sure where this post is going. I’m reviewing as the words come out of my mouth.

Kate Beckett, no (sad) gif

I thought my first reaction after watching the season premiere of Arrow was going to be about Olicity, and I have things to say about them. But right now, the end of the episode is what killed me. I saw that scene less than 10 minutes ago. I don’t even know what to do right now. Should I stay on my computer, should I go get some fresh air? It really affected me. I liked Sara, but I didn’t love her character. I think I’m mostly affected because of how unexpected it was. How it happened! In the premiere!

An excellent episode

God, this episode was SO good! So well written. Even though it hurts so much, I still can say I LOVED the premiere but it was amazing!

Maggie Q, amazing gif

Green day

I was wearing green, I had to after talking to some friends on tumblr. But you won’t get a picture of me because the piece of clothes is not really pretty, but it’s comfy and I’m at home. I wouldn’t show my face anyway.


I’m taking deep breaths. I’m thinking I should take a bath to process all of this, but at the same time I’m sure I’ll have thoughts about things I could write. Or maybe I should take a pen and some paper with me.

in shock, processing gif (New Girl, Zooey Deschanel)

I can’t believe I wrote so much already.
Also I’m glad that I did most of the things I had to do before the episode. I wouldn’t know how to do them if I had to do them now.

Olicity (squee)

They decided to promote their kiss, their one kiss! How could they do this? I needed more. We (Oliciters) needed/wanted more. Ok, it was an almost kiss in the promo but still it was the kiss we saw. I wish it’d been a surprise. I wish they didn’t use it in the promo. It would have been SO much better if we hadn’t known about it.

Olicity kiss (Arrow season 3 premiere) - Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, gifIt was still amazingly good (and painful at the same time). And now we won’t get to have another kiss before way too long (before the season ends I hope).

Throughout all the episode I felt sad for Oliver: the Honk Kong Oliver, but mostly the tormented Oliver who thinks he can’t be himself while being the Arrow.

And poor Felicity who loves him entirely but didn’t expect anything until he asked her to « dinner ». Only to lose what she didn’t dare hope.

In a flash (pun intented)

This episode was so fast. Or am I the only one who felt that way? So many things happened.

I really wish we’d have more time for Olicity (to process everything that was happening). But in the end, it might have hurt more. Wait, no, that’s not possible! It hurts like a bitch! But let’s try looking on the bright side: Oliver is in love with Felicity (but we knew that already) and he admits it to her when saying she can’t ask him to say he doesn’t love her.
Also nice to see Diggle trying to talk some sense into Oliver.

Feelings about everything

– John and Lyla having a baby girl, how sweet was that? Oliver’s gift was so precious. I wonder what Felicity got them.

Arrow season 3 premiere: John Diggle and Lyla Michaels– Ray Palmer: I didn’t dislike him, but I did not like him either. Arrogant much?
– Roy: poor him. He’s occupied but those things are not for himself. He’s got to find purpose.
– Am I the only one who missed Moira a bit?
– What about Thea? Only some text reference…
– The episode is called « The Calm ». Seriously?!

I’m sure I could say more about Olicity, Sara and all the things I didn’t talk about. But that’s it for now.
I don’t know if it’s the episode or not, but I am tired. I felt so many feelings at the same time. Who was I kidding when I thought I was ready for the Arrow season 3 premiere!?

Benedict Cumberbatch, many feelings gif


What about you?

Now I want to hear all about your thoughts, your feelings. Do you think you’ll watch the episode a second time, or is too much for you (right now)?
Laissez vos commentaires en français ou en anglais. J’aimerais lire vos avis.

Pour vous remettre de vos émotions/To help you with your emotions:

Stephen Amell blows a kiss (gif)

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